Among the different issues broadcasted on the news channels, the US Presidential election is the most controversial topic going on in the world. Everyone is anxious about what will be the results of the elections, and the worst part is that there is not even a clear idea that what will happen at the time of results. The current president Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the candidates opposing each other in these elections both the candidates are trying their level best to convince the citizens to get their valuable votes.

What about the schedule of the elections?

The year the elections are scheduled on Tuesday, 3rd November. These elections will be the 59th presidential election in the United States of America. The best part is that not only the citizens of America but the people of the entire world have a keen interest in these elections. They cannot vote, but they eagerly wait for the results as they have the desire to have a most deserving candidate as president to the world’s largest economy.

What are the major issues covered in the election?

Although there is a list of issues to be included when the elections are going to be held, the major issues which are on heat are the global pandemic COVID-19. In the USA alone, the virus has taken the lives of almost 2.2 people, which is really a very large number of deaths. Still, there is no control over the spread of the virus, and every day new data reports are shocking the people with a higher number of people infected and deceased from this virus.

The second major issue which is highlighted by the majority of news channels is the racism with the black people and the killing of Mr. George Floyd. The candidate Biden is arguing and protesting for taking serious legislative action against the people who were responsible for this act. He is trying best to expands the legislation for preventing the occurrence of these kinds of incidents in the future. But the Trump has not given any major concern on these issues as he is just pushing for the repealing.

What about the inauguration date of the winner?

The results of the election will be announced on December 14, 2020, and other major formalities will take place. The inauguration of the presidential election will take an oath on January 20, 2021. The impressive fact is that both the candidates will be the oldest ever to be elected as the president of America. All the people are very excited and have a sight on the day when a well deserved candidate will take an oath as president in front of millions of Americans. Whoever wins and considering there’s a pandemic going, you can always make money by playing บาคาร่าsa.

Thus, it is clear that all the news sources are trying their level best to give you clear and descriptive details about the elections. They try to cover and offer maximum possible news that can make people connected to these controversial elections for a long time period.