Recently, the result of New Zealand’s general election has been declared and Jacinda Ardern (former Prime Minister) has once again won the election. Its party center-left labor party has gained 49.1 percent vote and opposition party that in center-right National party has gained 26.8 percent votes. Oot of 120 seats the Prime Minister’s party has got 64 seats and thus remarked as tremendous win ever New Zealand has seen in history.

Jacinda Ardern has elected the second time as the Prime Minister of New Zealand. She has got tremendous popularity all around the world because of her remarkable work in overcoming from coronavirus effect. Mainly, the election is flighted to the topic of coronavirus and legality of weed in the country. Prime Minister’s party is in the favor of legalized weed in the country. They want to legalize it for cancer patients.

On the other hand, the opposition party does not want to make weed legal in the country. They argued that it can affect the mental health of people. However, the results of the election have shown that the people of New Zealand want to legalized weed in the country. Moreover, several polls before the result are predicting the winning of Jacinda Ardern. Moving further, let’s discuss some more aspects of it.

Issues that are raised during the election

Supporters of Ms. Ardern are raising the fact of the management of the coronavirus pandemic. They state that only the hard work of the Prime Minister is responsible for making New Zealand the first corona free country in the world. She led a comprehensive campaign on the coronavirus pandemic and give the slogan that “go hard, go early’. Moreover, she has locked the border of the country and push a complete lockdown in the country from the march. To be more financially stable, regardless of whom is in the seat, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

She has also done a great job in dealing with the Christchurch terrorist attack. After the White Island volcanic eruption, she has given her 100 percent in reviving eh affected people. Ultimately, these activities have made her the hero of the country. The opposition party also does not have a strong candidate against her. Moreover, she is also considered as the most loyal and most honest Prime Minister in the world.

Is the US election being similar to New Zealand’s election?

For the first time after 12 years, the US election and New Zealand’s election is running side by day. These two elections have a lot of similarities the primary one is the time period of the election. Both the election is undertaken at the time of the pandemic. Moreover, the voting system of both countries is also the same. According to reports, the US is thinking to adopt the same voting system that has followed in New Zealand.

Lastly, New Zealand’s election has shown that in the time of pandemic we have to do our work regularly. We could not stop our daily activities. Moreover, we have strongly fought against it and one day we will be able to completely overcome this pandemic.