We all have been through the circuses and marine parks where the animals are used in their shows. It is really not good for them, and some people don’t even take care of those animals in the right way. Since some animals need big areas in order to live but in those circuses and marine shows, they don’t have enough space to live. Well, the government of France has taken its first step in order to save the animals from suffering. Listed below are some of the details of the order taken by the govt so have a look.

  • Now it is not at all possible for the circuses, and marine shows to use the wild animals in their show. This is such a great decision as it will give be wonderful for the animals and they can live where they actually belong to. The French marine parks are advised not to use the baby dolphins and killer whales. The breaking news and the latest news are that it is not possible to open a new marine park in France. There are a lot of people who work in circuses and marine parks. They are advised to find new jobs. The govt has said that they really want to help them.
  • The country’s minister has said that it is their responsibility to protect the animals which are used in the shows. Their use in circuses and marine parks are banned for protecting the health of the animals and giving them a good life, which they truly deserve. The three biggest French marine parks are advised not to use the breed dolphins and killer whales in their shows. For over the next few years, it is not possible to use tigers, lions, elephants, and bears in the circuses.
  • However, this law is not yet been applied to zoos. France government is also looking forward to closing the mink farms where the minks are used by the farmers for their soft brown fur. A lot of people think that the fur of minks is luxury, whereas the minks, after giving their body hairs, live in a very poor situation. This is a great decision which is taken by France, and every country should look forward to applying this law. This is because animals are not made for doing this, and they want to live free.
  • The French government has said that they know a lot of people are working these shows and circuses. They further said that they really want to help them in the way they can. They are advised to find new jobs for themselves, and the government is also going to give them money in order to make this decision easier for them. An amount of $9.2 million is approved to help people who are working in circuses and marine parks. Animal welfare should always be a priority for the country, and other countries must learn from this decision.