Fraud recovery services such as coordinate with other financial institutions to identify and stop fraudsters. A change in the credit report of a victim is often the first sign that fraud has occurred. The Resolution Specialist works with the credit bureau to address any potential fraud. The Resolution Specialist is a valuable resource for detecting and responding to fraud.

Fund recovery companies

Fund recovery companies can help you recover your money from a fraudster. These companies have access to many experts in various fields, including hackers and bounty hunters. They have also worked with regulators and financial services providers. These professionals have the ability to spot fraud and other tactics and use advanced data tracking technologies.


Cyberscout Fraud Relief Center has reported that there has been an increase in people who are being debt-tagged. This occurs when debt collectors contact an inept person, resulting damage to the victim’s credit score and lengthy delays in resolving their issue.

IFW Global

IFW Global is a global firm which conducts fraud recovery and investigations. Its highly-trained operators and global resources help to locate hidden assets and prove illegal gains in the relevant jurisdiction. Their fraud recovery services are designed to provide peace of mind to their clients.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s fraud recovery service helps victims recover money they have lost through fraud schemes. The firm’s fraud recovery team is headed by John Gilkes, a long-time financial investigation leader. Based in its MetroDC office in Arlington, Virginia, Gilkes will focus on forensic services and will work with public and commercial clients. A recent report from Grant Thornton and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners showed that more than half of companies have found fraud in the past decade, and 71% of companies expect fraud to continue to rise.

IFW Global Multi-jurisdictional Debt and Recovery Asset Service

IFW Global’s multi-jurisdictional debt recovery and assets service is available to help with all your fraud recovery needs. This recovery company makes use of its global resources and highly-trained operators to locate hidden assets and prove illicit gains in the jurisdictions they are located.